After a week off of school for snow last week, we had a full week in first grade!

We now have many three little pigs stories under our belt and this week the first graders tried to make a story map of their own.  Here is a sample story map for The Three Little Tamales.

If you’re interested in reading some the three little pigs stories we’ve been reading, here is a list of what we’ve heard…

The Three Little Pigs by: Paul Galdone

Ziggy Piggy and the Three Little Pigs by: Frank Asch

The Three Little Tamales by: Eric Kimmel and Valeria Docampo

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by: Jon Sciezska

The Three Pigs by: David Wiesner


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Today in math the first graders learned about ordinal numbers!  We brainstormed four things we do when we get out of bed in the morning, drew them and then labeled them first (1st), second (2nd), third (3rd) and fourth (4th).

Here is the first, second, third and fourth things one student does in the morning!

Here is some ordinal number work!

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The first post of the new year!!!

It was a busy first week back from winter break in our classroom.  We started a unit in reading where we have started reading different versions of The Three Little Pigs.  We will be comparing stories and looking for things that are the same and different in each!  We practiced reading with a partner and we brainstormed a list of words in the -ad family (iPad was one of those words!).  In math we measured everyone’s height and found out that the “typical” height for first graders in our class is about 49 inches.

One of the most exciting things about this week is the start of our Balls and Ramps Science Unit!  We kicked off the unit by observing different kinds of balls.  We learned the word properties and worked to brainstorm properties of each kind of ball that we looked.  After we brainstormed all the properties we started to underline words properties that might influence how a ball moves.  We spent time on Thursday writing in our science journals answering our science question: How can we describe different kinds of balls?

Our brainstorm properties list of balls


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Today we took a field trip to Carkeek Park!  We walked to Piper’s Orchard and used our senses on the trail to take in nature.  We used the four senses scientists use (hearing, smelling, seeing and touching). It was a cold and muddy walk down to the orchard but it was a great day to get out and walk the trail.   Here is the chart with student ideas about what they touched, saw, smelled and heard.

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They did it!!!  The first graders hit their word goal of 2,000 words! (2,007 to be exact)

Today we celebrated the hard work of writing our shared story.  The story was printed off and the students who were interested in illustrating a page or two got to work.  Our story is now printed and illustrated, just waiting to be bound!  Our first graders are now “published” authors.

In celebration of all that hard work each student was presented with their very own NaNoWriMo participant award, NaNo stickers and a “First Class Novelist” button.  We made it through all that writing in November!

Go first graders!

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November has been a busy month!

The first graders have been working hard on a shared story called “The Adventures of Rose Gloria Jones” for National Novel Writing Month.  Tomorrow is their last day to add to their story!  It is a fabulous story about a princess (who lives in a very interesting castle) who is trying to keep her crown from being stolen by a villain named Thurnanda (who has many interesting pets!). 

Our class set a goal of 2,000 words and we are at 1,400 now, 70% finished!  We may not get to our goal tomorrow but we’ll see if we can add a few hundred more words. 

The next step will be to print off our story, illustrate it and then “bind” it.  It will go into our classroom library so we can read it whenever we want to!

The first graders will each receive a special prize from the Young Writers Program (http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/) on Thursday (December 1st!) to mark their awesome work during National Novel Writing Month.  Check back on Thursday to see what the special prize was!

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The writers in Room 4 have been busy!

Today we reached 600 words in our National Novel Writing Month story.  The students have come up with some great ideas about the pets our main character, our supporting character and our villain have (including twin crocodiles and a flying dog).

Room 4 has also been busy working on their own writing projects, including learning how to write Small Moment stories (short stories about things that have happened in our lives).  Some students are working on other topics, including the ever popular topic in our class of Angry Birds.  Here is a snapshot of a page from one story about Angry Birds.

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