The first post of the new year!!!

It was a busy first week back from winter break in our classroom.  We started a unit in reading where we have started reading different versions of The Three Little Pigs.  We will be comparing stories and looking for things that are the same and different in each!  We practiced reading with a partner and we brainstormed a list of words in the -ad family (iPad was one of those words!).  In math we measured everyone’s height and found out that the “typical” height for first graders in our class is about 49 inches.

One of the most exciting things about this week is the start of our Balls and Ramps Science Unit!  We kicked off the unit by observing different kinds of balls.  We learned the word properties and worked to brainstorm properties of each kind of ball that we looked.  After we brainstormed all the properties we started to underline words properties that might influence how a ball moves.  We spent time on Thursday writing in our science journals answering our science question: How can we describe different kinds of balls?

Our brainstorm properties list of balls



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2 responses to “01/06/2012

  1. Happy New Year! Exciting to hear about all the versions of Three Little Pigs and the Balls & Ramps unit! This morning we found one of the recess balls de-flated, took it home, found a ball needle, and pumped it back to life!

  2. Thanks for saving one of our school balls, David!

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